Sequal Eclipse 3 Portable Machine

Sequal Eclipse 3 Portable Oxygen Machine
The Sequal Eclipse portable oxygen concentrator does it all. Its perfect for day or night. Sequal has both a continuous flow and pulse flow setting, made for just about every oxygen therapy patient in mind.

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Sequal Eclipse 3 Features

  • Lightweight and small easy to travel with
  • FAA approved for every airline
  • Long battery life with rechargeable batteries
  • Setting for both pulse flow and continuous flow
  • Quiet enough for all enviroments
  • autoSat Technology

The Sequal Eclipse is a light weight compact unit that can be used for home or travel purposes. The Sequal is the only continuous flow oxygen machine FAA approved for airline travel. The machine has a re-chargeable battery life of 4.4 hours. Plug the unit into your car or AC power outlets through out your house.

The Sequal Eclipse offers an all in one oxygen concentrator that can easily be used from your home or office. Originally built for the military so you can count on this portable oxygen machine to last you a lifetime. Out of all the portable oxygen concentrators on the market, the Sequal Eclipse is the most durable and reliable.

If you are looking for a travel oxygen machine that is good for night and day, it’s the Sequal Eclipse portable oxygen concentrator because its the best in its league. The Sequal Portable oxygen unit will act as a pulse flow unit during the day and if you decide to sleep with it, the Sequal Eclipse will work as a continuous flow oxygen concentrator during the night. The technology in the Sequal Eclipse portable oxygen concentrator is above the rest. If an oxygen patient falls asleep and forgets to change the setting over to continuous flow from pulse flow the Eclipse will do it for you. There is no comparison if you are on the road and need a pulse flow machine for day and a continuous flow machine for night.

Being the third generation Sequal Eclipse makes this the best Sequal Eclipse oxygen unit on the market.  Sequal has alway been the leader with there portable oxygen unit that offers both a continuous flow and pulse flow setting. How did they make the best better?  Most of Sequal Technologies work went into the inside of the oxygen concentrator making sure they had the most revolutionary clinical features.  Patients asked for a few items to make the Sequal Eclipse a little more travel friendly.  Patients asked and Sequal answered.  The new and improved Sequal Eclipse 3 comes with a 5″ travel cart included in the package.  The older Sequal came with a 2″ wheel cart making it harder to roll up stairs or over sidewalks. Changing Sequal batteries was also a chore while traveling.  WIth the older cart the patient couldn’t change batteries without taking the travel cart off because the cart was in the way.  Today changing the Sequal battery can be done in a snap without removing your travel cart.  It is the little improvements that were made on the Sequal Eclipse 3 that make it a dream to travel with.

If you are looking for a portable oxygen concentrator to travel with the Sequal Eclipse 3 is the best among all the others.  Sequal is still the only travel oxygen concentrator with continuous flow that is FAA approved.  For many oxygen patients the Sequal will act as a pulse flow during the day and change to a continuous flow in the evening for nocturnal use.  The technology of the Sequal Eclipse 3 is by far the best of any portable oxygen concentrator on the market today. For the active patient there is no comparison when it comes to a personal oxygen concentrator.

To help save you money has many different options to choose from. We carry new, used, consigned, and rentals of the Sequal Eclipse 3.  Our service center and showroom is open 7 days a week to answer your questions. Call today to hear our Daily Specials on new and used Sequal Eclipse 3 portable oxygen concentrators. The Sequal Eclipse portable oxygen machine, Sequal Eclipse portable oxygen unit, Sequal Eclipse portable oxygen generator, Sequal Eclipse travel oxygen concentrator, some patients ask the difference.  They are all the same and however you ask for the Sequal we will know what you mean.

Sequal Eclipse 3 Specifications

Weight (With Battery) 17.4 LBS
Size 19.3″ H x 12.3″ W x 7.1″ D
Oxygen Concentration 91 to 93 Percent
Altitude Operating Range 0-13123 Feet
Operation Temperature 50 F to 104 F
Pulse Flow Settings 1 to 6
Continuous Settings 1 to 3
Power Uses 48 watts at 1LPM
Uses 85 watts at 6LPM
Alarms Low oxygen output
Oxygen flow outside normal limits
No inspiration detected on pulse flow
Oxygen monitor
Loss of power

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