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The XPO2 has the most portability. Made by Invacare, this unit has it all. It is small, light weight, and very portable. The Invacare XPO2 is one of the lightest and most portable oxygen concentrators on the market. This unit is light enough to carry on your shoulder without causing a neckache.  The pulse settings on this unit can be set from one to five. Its weight comes in at a very light 6 pounds. You can use A/C, D/C, as well as battery so you can take the Invacare XPO2 just about anywhere. The battery has about two and a half hours of battery life and comes with an optional backup that connects to the carrying case making it a total of five hours of battery life.

This portable oxygen concentrator is backed by one of the leaders in the oxygen concentrator industry, Invacare. The Invacare XPO2 comes with a manufacturer backed 5 year warranty. This portable oxygen concentrator is built to be the most reliable and durable portable oxygen concentrator on the market.


XPO2 made by INVACARE features

  • easy to use and light weight
  • durability
  • reliability
  • backed by a 5 year warranty
  • XPO100B kit includes the portable oxygen concentrator with a carrying case, a/c adapter, d/c adapter, and an extra battery
  • other accessories also available



The Invacare XPO2 specifications

  • Product weighs about 6 pounds, 7.3 with the optional extra battery
  • The dimensions are 10 inches high by 7 inches wide by 4 inches deep
  • The conserving flow is 1 to 5 in pulse dose
  • The battery life is about 2 and a half hours set at 2 and 5 hours with the extra battery
  • The maximum capacity is 900 ml
  • Code approval is E1390 stationary concentrator and/or  E1392 portable concentrator
  • AIr Tubing can be used by cannula up to 25 feet
  • Oxygen operating up to 10,000 feet
  • Power consumption is 36 watts at setting 2


For Questions and Special Pricing Call  1-877-303-9288

Invacare is one of the leading suppliers of respiratory equipment. From home oxygen concentrators to portable oxygen concentrators. Check out the continuous flow portable unit. The Invacare Solo 2 portable oxygen concentrator.

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